How to Root Samsung Galaxy S8 without a PC

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S8 – If you want root Samsung Galaxy S8 without a PC, then you are in the right place.  Samsung Galaxy S8 is the Smartphone that comes with a large screen 5.8 “with a density of 568 pixels per inch. This Smartphone comes with Corning 5 Gorilla Glass that protects your Smartphone from cracks and scratches.  There are many benefits of rooting a device such as having your Smartphone removed, you will be able to modify and customize it to your liking. Also there are many applications that require root devices to run such as screen recording applications and many more.

how to root samsung galaxy s8

Before rooting your Samsung Galaxy S8, you must have a turbo restore installed and make sure your Smartphone has more than 65% battery. As well as make sure to install all the Samsung S8 Galaxy drivers. For the Samsung Galaxy S8 root follow the procedure below:

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S8

  1. First download the Samsung Galaxy S8 root kit package from the download section.
  2. Now copy the ROM into the root plug card for your Galaxy S8 root.
  3. Now rename the file to
  4. Now you must boot your Samsung Galaxy S8 into recovery mode to the Samsung Galaxy S8 root.
  5. For bootable Galaxy S8 in recovery mode, press and hold the Volume Up + Power + Home button simultaneously.
  6. After booting in recovery mode, you will see many options.
  7. So the first press on the scan.
  8. Clear the DALAVIC cache.
  9. Now click Install.
  10. Now select the Samsung Galaxy S8 Grounding Pack.
  11. That’s it! You have successfully rooted the Samsung Galaxy S8 without using a computer.

So this is the guide on How to Root Samsung Galaxy S8 without using a PC, hope you like this guide.

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