How To Clear Cache On Samsung Galaxy S8

How To Clear Cache On Samsung Galaxy S8 – One way to improve the browsing or internet experience with your new Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone is to clear the cache and cookies stored from your device.

how to clear cache on samsung galaxy s8

Often, the cache and cookies that are collected on your Smartphone are associated with daily use for some later performance issues such as a lagging device. This is why clearing your cache and cookies regularly are highly recommended, especially if you frequently use the Internet. Here’s how to clear your cache and cookies from your Samsung Galaxy S8:

How To Clear Cache On Samsung Galaxy S8

  1. Tap Apps from the Home screen.
  2. From the Applications menu, locate and tap the Internet. This will take you to the web.
  3. After you are prompted for a web page (Google by default), tap the Menu button on your Smartphone. A list of the list submenus will appear.
  4. Scroll down to Settings and tap to move to the next screen.
  5. From the Settings screen, you can see the configuration of your phones’ home page, along with the advanced option.
  6. Tap Privacy from the advanced option to open privacy settings on your device.
  7. Tap delete personal Data under Privacy screen to continue.
  8. On the Delete Personal Data screen, you will see a list of sub-items. Search and choose cache as well as cookies and site data.
  9. Touch the Done button once you select two items, and the checkbox has a check mark already selected.

That’s all some simple steps on How to Clear Cache On Samsung Galaxy S8. This should result in clearing all previously stored cache and cookies from your Samsung Galaxy S8 device. Other Android phones will require using native Android tools to clear cookies, cache, and browser history.

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