How to Block Numbers on Samsung Galaxy S8 Easily

How To Block Numbers On Samsung Galaxy S8 – The private calls you are getting on your Samsung Galaxy S8 are not always the best intentioned ones. If you are hesitant to make calls from people who choose to hide their Caller ID, you may be right to do so. In either case, it’s your right and you can easily choose to block such a hidden call by following some basic settings.


How to Block Numbers on Samsung Galaxy S8

Do you agree that there is nothing more annoying than getting such abusive calls or messages? This is why you are getting one of the top Android smart phones recently, to have access to all kinds of cool built-in features. Blocking calls from unknown numbers on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus is one of this cool feature. Steps to use it are:

  1. Go to the Home screen.
  2. Tap on the Phone app to launch it.
  3. Click more menu.
  4. Go to your call settings.
  5. Select call rejection.
  6. Click the Auto reject list
  7. Look for the Unknown option and run the key to run
  8. Leave the menu and forget the harassing phone.

That’s all steps on How To Block Numbers On Samsung Galaxy S8 .If someone decides to bother you with another unknown number, just repeat these steps and block that number. Alternatively, if you will, download and install third party applications that specialize in blocking calls. The two most popular call blocking applications that are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S8 are the SMS and Call Blocker and the Extreme Call Blocker. Of course, you are free to browse the Google Play Store for other options and try anything that will entice you. The point is you can block special numbers on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and you have more than one option to do this.

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